Top 5 Ladies' Sheepskin Bootee Slippers to Buy This Winter

Find the perfect gifts for women at Draper of Glastonbury. Here are the top 5 ladies sheepskin bootee slippers available in the UK right now. These are the best winter slippers you can buy in 2019. 

Women's Sheepskin Bootee Slippers - Cute, Cosy and Toasty

#1. Patti

Luxurious handmade 'turn up the collar' bootee sheepskin slippers for ladies. Crafted from top quality double-faced sheepskin upper and durable rubber soles.

Patti womens slippers
#2. Camilla

Popular 'turn up the collar' sheepskin bootee style slippers for ladies. Made from suede upper, rubber sole and premium quality sheepskin. Perfect for all year round.

Camilla womens bootee slippers

#3. Glow

Finest quality winter bootee style sheepskin slippers for ladies. Made from double-faced sheepskin lining with suede soles. Handmade in Great Britain since 1937.

Glow womens bootee slippers

#4. Tilly

The latest styles ladies' bootie sheepskin slippers. Crafted with high-quality double-faced sheepskin upper and durable rubber soles. Provide the greatest comfort experience.

Tilly womens bootee slippers

#5. Jackie

Beautifully designed, modern ladies' booties sheepskin slippers this winter. Crafted from suede uppers, finest sheepskin lining, and durable suede soles.

Jackie Womens bootee slippers

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