Sheepskin Scuff Slippers

Many people wonder what actually are sheepskin scuff slippers? They are commonly known as slip-on, or mule slippers, or backless slippers. They are designed so that you can slide your feet into them with ease, without having to put the back of the slipper around your foot. It makes life a little bit easier when you enter your home, and naturally, sheepskin is the best type of material to make slippers from. For 100’s of years people have been making slippers from sheepskin, and traditionally Glastonbury in Somerset has been the heart of Europe’s sheepskin industry.

mens sheepskin scuff slippers

Our mens sheepskin scuff slippers include our style called Daniel, which has been popular for many years. It has a luxuriously soft suede upper, our signature sheepskin lining and a rubber sole for practical indoor and outdoor use. We also sell a mens leather lined scuff slipper, called William, which is also very popular for year-round use.

Womens sheepskin scuff slippers

Our womens sheepskin scuff slippers are available in many different styles. Lucy is our classic womens slip on, with a small wedge heel and a suede sole, along with a suede upper and sheepskin lining and collar. Lilly is a modern slip-on, with a rubber sole, sheepskin lining, and collar and suede upper. They are available in many different colours and sizes.

sheepskin Scuff mule slippers

Scuff sheepskin mule slippers are competitively priced compared with other types of slipper because they use less material to produce them. This means you can get great savings with a fantastic type of slipper that is easy to wear and use. The backless style means that your feet will fit into them with or without socks on, so this is another important factor with fitting.

Here at Draper of Glastonbury, we are now the oldest sheepskin slipper makers in the UK, and the last company making slippers in Glastonbury too. We make the best quality slippers in the world.

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