Sheepskin Slippers with Rubber Soles

Welcome to Draper of Glastonbury. We are experts and specialists when it comes to sheepskin slippers; we are the oldest sheepskin slipper makers in the UK, and our factory is based in Somerset where we produce our range of slippers. We are a family business and have been established for over 80 years since 1937. Sheepskin slippers with rubber soles are available as well as slippers with suede and leather soles too, and each have their merits. So what are the main benefits of rubber sole slippers in comparison to suede sole options? Rubber soles allow you to wear them inside and outside of the house. This means that they are often seen as more practical than leather soles because you can wear them out to the bins or in the garden without the worry of them getting damaged.

Mens sheepskin slippers with rubber soles

Mens sheepskin slippers with rubber soles are made with rubber that will not mark your carpets that are lighter in colour, and they will not mark your kitchen floor either. This is something that most people worry about when buying slippers, but it is nothing to worry about. Ladies are the same.

Womens sheepskin slippers with rubber soles

Womens sheepskin slippers with rubber soles are easy to clean, so if you have to wear them to go out to the garden, and then they are a little dirty, you can easily wipe them clean. Leather is harder to clean than a surface like rubber.

sheepskin bootie slippers with rubber soles for ladies and mens

We have a huge range of rubber-soled slippers available to buy. If you like bootie slippers, then you will love our style called Camilla for women, which has a sheepskin lining and collar that folds up over the ankles. If you like moccasin slippers, then you will be pleased to see our style Kelly for women, or Hugo for men, both of which have a rubber sole. If you prefer slip-on styles, then take a look at Daniel or Lilly, or if you prefer a more traditional Grecian slipper, then look at John or Greg for men or Portia for women.

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