Draper Family Business


In the picture from left to right, some of the factory staff 2015- P. Brewer, J. Draper, N. Draper, P. Ashdown, F. Draper, C. Lapage, S. Harmon, N. Clark.

Four generations of the Draper family have now worked for the company, with the third generation; Nicolas Richard Draper, as the current managing director. The company was founded in 1937 by Richard Jack Draper, and later joined by his son Richard Donald Draper in 1955. Nicolas Richard Draper joined the business in 1979, and his son James Richard Draper in 2009. 

We are proud to say that most of our staff have worked for the company for most of their working lives, with a current company average of 30 years per employee! We have had several employees over the years that worked for the company for more than 50 years each.  

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