Made in Great Britain


Here at Drapers, we have been manufacturing in our Glastonbury factory in Somerset, England, for over 80 years, and are now the oldest sheepskin specialist manufacturer in the United Kingdom. When we started making sheepskin products all those years ago, it was the norm to make everything in Great Britain. As British manufacturing has slowly died out, we were one of the few that remained true to our heritage. We believe our customer values quality over all else.

Glastonbury has traditionally been the heart of England's sheepskin industry for nearly 1000 years, since the time of Glastonbury Abbey when the monks began tanning skins.

We source our skins and materials from British tanneries and manufacturers where possible, although this is becoming increasingly difficult.

We also work closely with other British footwear manufacturers, we make slippers for a number of other British factories that do not have the capacity. We are a proud member of the British Footwear Association.

We offer free factory tours here in Glastonbury, Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm, so feel free to come in and see us.

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