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Men's traditional Albert style slipper.    Made in England.
Our best selling luxury classic sheepskin slippers for men. These Glastonbury made slippers use the finest quality sheepskin lining. The uppers in these shearling slippers by Draper are silky suede from Scotland as are the soles.   Made in England.

Men's high quality Grecian slipper, made with soft calf leather upper, plus luxury leather lining and cushioned sock. Suede sole for hard wear and maximum flexibility and comfort. E+ FITTING.   Made in England.
Our mens modern shearling mules, these house slippers with rubber soles can also be used outdoors. The uppers are suede in these shearling slippers by draper and the lining too is shearling. The rubber soles are made of durable 'Draperflex'.   1  CM  SOLE DEPTH

Leather upper , soft man made lining with suede sole for hard wear and maximum flexibility and comfort.
Greg Suede
Greg Suede
A structured traditional sheepskin lined slipper, with a suede upper, outdoor rubber sole, and sheepskin lining. This style also has a heel support for structure. 

Men's canoe style moccasin sheepskin slipper.
Our gentlemen's leather mule, with a soft leather upper and sock and indoor / outdoor rubber sole. 1 1/4 inch heel.

A high quality Albert style slipper, with a leather upper, soft leather lining and flexible suede sole. Wide fitting, H.
Leather upper , soft man made lining with indoor/outdoor rubber sole.

Gentlemen's mule slipper, made with a soft leather upper, fabric lining, and suede sole.
Genuine Harris Tweed upper, real sheepskin lining and sock, flexible suede sole. 

A classic softee moccasin, with the finest quality sheepskin lining and silky suede upper.   Made in England.
Our gentlemen's house shoe. Luxury soft leather upper and sock. 1 inch heel. Indoor / outdoor rubber sole. 

Extremely soft sole moccasins with soft uppers and fabric lining. These house slippers with rubber soles can be used indoors and outdoors. These high quality leather moccasins are cushions for the feet.   Made in England.
A classic calf leather slipper, with sheepskin lining. Calf leather upper, sheepskin lining, suede sole.   Made in England.  

Men's traditional sheepskin slipper with a rubber sole.    Made in England.
from £75.00
Luxury leather travel slipper and case for men.   Made in England.

Draper gentlemen's mule slipper, made with soft calf leather uppers, plus leather lining and a cushioned sock. It has a suede sole for hard wear and maximum flexibility and comfort.   Made in England.
Sheepskin FootmuffSheepskin Footmuff
Sheepskin Footmuff
Luxuriously soft and warm shepskin footmuff, suede upper and suede sole. One size. Colour spice. 

Our 4E extra wide fitting shoe/ slipper. Silky suede upper, genuine natural sheepskin lining. Lightweight EVA sole. Removable insole. Velcro fastening. Unisex
Our 4E extra wide fitting shoe/ slipper. Silky suede upper, genuine natural sheepskin lining. Lightweight EVA sole. Removable insole. Velcro fastening. Unisex.

Mens Sheepskin Slippers

Are you looking for the perfect all weather footwear? Check out Draper of Glastonbury sheepskin footwear. If you are a college student, someone working long hours in chilly weather, doing activities where you have to keep standing for long hours, keep your feet warm and comfortable all day long with our real sheepskin shoes, boots or slippers.

WE Offer The Best Mens Sheepskin Slippers That Keep Your Feet Comfortable All Day Long

Mens and womens sheepskin boots, slippers from Draper of Glastonbury are stylish footwear that allow your feet to breathe naturally while keeping them at your normal body temperature. Some designs feature convenient rubber soles suitable for outside use. Draper of Glastonbury has around 75 years'+ experience making genuine moccasins and men sheepskin boots. All out footwear is still handmade to a high specification, using sheepskin, soft leather and silky suede for unsurpassed comfort. Many styles of Men and ladies sheepskin slippers, moccasins and mules are available in different colours including black, mocca, wine, navy and loden (green).

Special Qualities Of luxury Mens Sheepskin Slippers, Boots & Shoes

The history of this footwear goes back centuries. The natural texture of sheepskin was found to have excellent resistance to harsh winter cold. Its soft texture keeps the feet comfortable and its ability to retain heat means that you never have to suffer from cold feet. The timeless tradition of wearing sheepskin footwear is now available in the most fashionable styles and colors in our store. You can match them well with casual and formal wear and get exactly the desired look, yet never have to suffer from tired and worn out feet from activities done during the day.

We all tend to get smelly feet when wearing boots or shoes for a long period. What can be done to avoid this problem? Our pure men sheepskin slippers or moccasin boots has the ability to wick away moisture. So your feet never get clammy with sweat and bad smell. It has lanolin which works against bacteria thus keeping your feet healthy, which is very important if you want to be active in the long run.

Order Online From Our Site & Get Stylish Sheepskin Footwear At Lowest Prices

Draper of Glastonbury has been manufacturing genuine sheepskin for the past seventy five years. The business was initiated in Glastonbury, UK in 1937 and today we can proudly say that we are the fourth generation into this business. We make use of a rigorous tanning process to produce the finest quality shoes, boots and slippers from sheepskin. All footwear is made by hand which lends every single pair a unique touch and quality. Our footwear showcases traditional English designs, is soft on the feet and keeps it healthy. Available in a range of size, colors and styles you can easily find ones that matches with your preference. Our shoes are affordably priced giving you comfortable footwear at very attractive rates. Buy online and have the item shipped to your location.