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Women's Sheepskin GlovesWomen's Sheepskin Gloves
Women's Sheepskin Gloves
Women's Sheepskin Gloves.Beautifully soft, stylish and warm. Luxurious lambskin and Sheepskin Gloves hand sewn the traditional way.  

Draper Of Glastonbury Offers Sheepskin Gloves That Protect Your Hands From The Winter Chill

Draper of Glastonbury was established in 1937 and manufactures sheepskin products. The fourth generation is now in the business. Our products are known for their durability and comfort. They are produced using traditional manufacturing methods, which results in a fine texture that makes them comfortable to use. Only the finest materials are used in the manufacturing process and the resulting products have an alluring finish.

Our Womens Shearling Gloves or mittens Offer the Finest design and Comfort

Whether it is a trip to the grocery store or perhaps you are driving your car to the shopping mall or visiting your relatives and friends, wearing Draper of Glastonbury’s womens sheepskin mittens or gloves will keep your hands warm and cozy throughout the journey.

Our womens sheepskin gloves or mittens will effectively insulate your hands as the material prevents cold air from getting to your skin. Though they have a thick texture, they are designed to give maximum comfort when doing activities like writing, holding objects. We offer sheepskin gloves or mittens in the most stylish, attractive designs and in varying sizes.

Our ladies sheepskin mittens or gloves have a designer look, giving you so many options on styles. These gloves can be matched with casual or formal wear, giving a fantastic look yet offering the utility that is needed while wearing them on a chilly winter day. They are made through a rigorous tanning process which gives them a wonderful texture.

Buy Sheepskin gloves and sheepskin mittens online

What makes our Sheepskin gloves and sheepskin mittens better than their woolen counterparts is the refined texture and the material’s ability to keep winter chill out in a more effective way than any other materials in the market. These gloves will keep your hands warm and comfortable for long hours, enabling you to work easily and effectively without any numbness spreading to your fingers due to the chill. Their texture is strong and long-lasting hence a single pair will last for years. Visit our website and shop high quality sheepskin gloves, sheep skin slippers, boots at affordable prices.