Womens Sheepskin Boots

Womens sheepskin boots by Draper of Glastonbury are made from the highest quality suede, leather, sheepskin, and lambswool. They are made by hand and take around four weeks to manufacture. Our sheepskins and leathers are from the UK, and we make sheepskin footwear in our Glastonbury factory in Somerset as we have done since 1937 over 80 years ago.

Ladies sheepskin lined boots

Our womens sheepskin boots are available with durable rubber soles, which are non-slip and are perfect for icy conditions. They are fully lined with thick sheepskin right the way down to the toes and are the warmest boots you can buy for cold winter conditions. They are soft and extremely comfortable, but hard wearing and will last a long time. Many customers say our boots last for up to thirty years! We have a long history of making the best quality sheepskin footwear, and our ladies sheepskin lined boots have been sold around the world for the past 80 years.

Tall and short boots

Our sheepskin boots come in different heights; we offer ankle boots which are short and are great casual boots for town and country wear to keep your feet warm, plus we have mid length, and higher boots too, which will keep your calves warm as well as your feet. They all always lined with sheepskin right to the top of the boot too. We have sandy coloured boots as well as dark brown and black boots in leather and suede too, so there is a great variety of beautifully made boots for you to choose from.

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