Mens Sheepskin Slippers

Draper of Glastonbury has always excelled at making the finest in mens sheepskin slippers. Since we opened our doors in 1937, we have been handcrafting luxurious sheepskin and leather slippers. For over 85 years, we have been offering the finest mens slippers and are proud to say that we are now the oldest makers of sheepskin footwear in the United Kingdom. Operating out of our factory based in Glastonbury, Somerset, in an area famous for sheepskin dating back to the 12th century. Drop in for a quick tour to see years of shoe making legacy in action.

Sheepskin & Leather Slippers for Men – Handmade in Our Factory in England

If you are searching for mens sheepskin slipper boots with hard soles, then look no further. We have a wide range of slippers, with hard sole, suitable for a rugged terrain and with a soft suede sole, that works best indoors. The hard soles are ideal for nipping outside to the bins OR small outdoor tasks, but the soft sole slippers are more flexible and lightweight and are best for being worn within the house & are great for carpets.

Our mens sheepskin moccasin slippers have fantastic natural properties, which makes them very popular amongst men of all ages. They are handmade to keep your feet warm while it is cold but also regulate temperature when it is too hot, so they are perfectly suitable to be worn all year round & offer comfort in all weathers...except outside in rain :).

Mens leather slippers and sheepskin booties are in vogue this season and are getting very popular amongst men with more & more gents choosing comfort and warmth above everything else.

100% Genuine Sheepskin Slippers & Mules for Men

Our mens sheepskin leather mule slippers are easy to get in & out off; on and off in a jiffy. As quickly you get out of them, when you leave for work you will want to get into them when you enter your home. We are sure that your feet will miss the slippers all day long.

Our mens lambswool slippers are made from real sheepskin which is hard-wearing, durable, extremely soft, and comfortable to wear, and most importantly very warm during the cold winter months. They make the perfect Christmas, anniversary and birthday gift; it’s suitable for all occasions & celebrations.

Mens sheepskin slippers with outdoor soles enables you to wear them both indoors and outdoors, so if you need to go out for a quick stroll in the garden by yourself OR round the block with your dog or just taking the bins out, this can be done in comfort without worrying about damaging the sole.

You can easily wipe them clean with a moist/damp cloth when you re-enter your home. They are hard wearing and durable soles which we expect to last for many years, making them a great ‘value for money’. They are non-marking soles, so will not mark OR scuff your carpets. They are also non-slip soles, so they are designed to provide a lot of grip to ensure you don’t slip and fall over.

Shop Our Men's Sheepskin Slippers Now & Enjoy Distinct Comfort for Many Years to Come

If you are looking for ‘mens sheepskin slippers near me in UK’, then search no more. Buy online directly from our website to ensure a quick delivery service. We offer expert advice, the highest quality slippers and by shopping directly with us, you are supporting a truly home-grown British family business. We are now in our fourth generation, and we still use the same processes as we did years back to make handmade slippers in our Glastonbury factory in England.

Although we launch new models & varieties every season, some of our vintage designs are still in high demand. Our most popular model is the Anton slipper for men, which is a truly classic design. For our most sold slipper with an outdoor sole, take a look at the style Trevor. Our most popular moccasin is called Maine, and our favourite mule is called Daniel.

Our full range is available online all year around at Draper’s official website So, come & experience the best in comfort that is 100% British Made. Long Live The Queen…!!!

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