Sheepskin Booties

Sheepskin booties are typically slippers that come up over the ankles. They are popular because they are one of the warmest types of slippers, because they cover more of your foot and can improve circulation that little bit more as well, which makes your toes feel warmer. Here at Draper of Glastonbury, we have been making by hand our famous sheepskin slippers in our factory in Somerset since 1937. We have a wide range of sheepskin booties for both women and men, with both hard outdoor soles and soft indoor soles too. They are all lined with our signature thick sheepskin from top to toe, ensuring maximum comfort and warmth.

Men's Sheepskin Bootie Slippers

Our bootie slippers for men include our style ‘Cam’ which has a collar that can fold up over the ankles, or it can be folded down to look like a normal slipper too. It has a rubber sole which is practical for both indoor and outdoor use too, and it is a non-marking sole so you can easily use it on your carpets. 

Women's Sheepskin Bootie Slippers

We also have a variety of bootie slippers for ladies which include our style ‘Camilla’ which is the most popular choice. It has a collar that can fold up over the ankles also, or folded down for a more sophisticated look. It has our signature thick sheepskin lining throughout and is extremely soft and comfortable. We also have a popular style called ‘Jackie’, which has a suede sole for flexibility and comfort. It is a more traditional styled bootie slipper and is also lined with our signature sheepskin.

Our full range of sheepskin booties are shown here on our website, and the fitting is accurate to normal shoe size. Only the finest materials are used in the production of our slippers, and we expect them to last for many years.

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