Womens Sheepskin Slippers

Here at Draper of Glastonbury, we are specialists at making womens sheepskin slippers and have over 85 years of experience. Our Somerset factory was established in 1937 and is now the oldest maker of sheepskin footwear in the United Kingdom. Our highly skilled craftspeople have a lifetime of experience working with sheepskin. We offer both modern and traditional designs, and our range changes from season to season to reflect fashion and seasonal changes.

Sheepskin Slippers for Women – Handmade in Our Factory in England

If you are looking for ladies sheepskin slippers hard sole then look no further. We offer a range of hard sole slippers which are perfect for taking the bins out or nipping out to the garden with the dog. They are non slip soles, and they are easy to wipe clean too, making them very practical and hard wearing.

Our womens sheepskin moccasin slippers are a classic design which have always been a firm favourite with our customers. The lace goes around the back of the slipper to ensure you can tighten or loosen the slippers to make them fit your feet perfectly. The stitching along the top of the toes allows for plenty of room for your toes, and they are the widest fitting slippers that we offer for women.

Womens sheepskin booties have become our most popular design over the past few years. They are extra warm as they have a collar that comes up over the ankles. Take a look at our style called ‘Camilla’ and ‘Tilly’ which are our best bootie styles for women. They have a hard sole and thick sheepskin lining for the ultimate in warmth and comfort for the winter period.

Womens sheepskin mule slippers are also available, which are easy to slip on and off your feet. They are the perfect casual and relaxed style, take a look at ‘Kim’ or ‘Lilly’ which are the most modern and popular style of mule, or take a look at ‘Lucy’ which is our classic design with a suede sole. Womens lambswool slippers are made from premium British sheepskin which is hardwearing due to the weather conditions in the United Kingdom; our sheep are very tough and sturdy.

When buying womens sheepskin slippers near me, make sure you buy directly online here with Draper of Glastonbury. This is our official website and where you can get the best quality, prices and our full range of womens slippers. By purchasing directly with us, you are supporting a true British family business.

Sheepskin slipper boots womens are extremely comfortable to wear and will stay on your feet better than other slippers because they come up higher over the ankles. You can wear them as boots outside too if you are feeling extra lazy, although this is not what they are designed for. We have a range of womens boots to look at as well, we hope you find something you love.

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