Natural materials Our slippers, boots, gloves and rugs are made from sheepskin and leather, which is a by-product of the meat industry. This means that the demand for meat is far greater than the demand for leathers, and so we make use of an available raw material that would otherwise go to waste and be disposed of.
The materials we use are designed to last for a long time, and often last for many, many years. This means there is less wastage thrown away, compared with buying cheap high street fashion.
Most of our suppliers are British tanneries, and some materials come from a tannery in Belgium. The animal skins originate in those countries, and the standard of animal welfare is extremely high- actually the best in the world.

Natural materials Classic styles

Classic styles We specialise in classic styles which are designed to last for many years. This helps to reduce wastage, because you know that the same classic style will be popular in many years to come, unlike fast high street fashion which you cannot rely on.

  Made in England We have been manufacturing in our own factory in Glastonbury, Somerset for over 80 years. This means that there are low air miles involved in producing and getting the product to our customers

Made in England Sustainable packaging

Sustainable packaging We use sustainable and recyclable packaging wherever possible. Our footwear and gloves are delivered in boxes made from recycled paper, and we use brown paper parcel tape too. We avoid plastic packaging wherever possible. Our shoe boxes are also made from recycled paper and are sourced locally.

Repair faulty items We rarely recieve returns due to the high quality of our products. However, on the occasion that we do, we always try to repair the product rather than replace. This is unique to our company, because we are the manufacturers we are able to repair. This results in less wastage overall.

Repair faulty items Responsible employer

Responsible employer Our company has been in business since 1937, and thousands of people have been involved in the business since then. Today, almost all of our staff have been with the company for the majority of their working lives. Some of their parents also used to work for the company. In fact, the average number of years that employees have been with the company is 30 years per employee.

Support local charities We make regular monthly donations to several local charities here in the south west of England. These include the Dorset and Somerset air ambulance service and the West Mendip Hospital, along with other local causes which crop up.

Support local charities
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