Mens Sheepskin Gloves

Draper of Glastonbury has been making the best quality mens sheepskin gloves for over 85 years. We have a factory in Somerset where we have been making sheepskin products since 1937 and the company is still owned by the Draper family, with four generations having run the business.

Keep your hands toasty warm this winter with Draper gloves

Mens sheepskin mittens are designed to keep your fingers close together, while regular gloves keep your fingers free to use. Both are fully lined with real sheepskin for the highest level of warmth and comfort. Mens shearling gloves are perfect for the coldest winter conditions when nothing else will do. There is nothing warmer than real sheepskin and if you visit the coldest places on the earth, it is sheepskin that is commonly used for warmth.

Mens sheepskin leather gloves are practical as they can be wiped clean easily, so dirt is not going to be a problem. Other gloves have a suede finish to the outside, which is the traditional look for a real sheepskin glove. Mens lambskin gloves are the best quality available in the world. We expect our gloves to last for many years, so they are a true investment. They represent excellent value for money for this very reason.

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