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A half backed sheepskin lined slipper, with a suede upper and lightweight rubber sole.
Womens scalloped front style slipper. Scottish silky suede upper and real sheepskin lining. Suede sole for maximum comfort, flexibility and hard wear.   Made in England.

A 'turn up the collar' sheepskin slipper, with sheepskin lining, suede upper and rubber sole.
A modern bootie style slipper/ boot, made with double faced sheepskin and a rubber sole.

A modern moccasin women's sheepskin slipper. 
A classic best selling slipper, year after year. Silky suede upper, sheepskin lining, suede sole for hard wear and maximum flexiblity and comfort. The sample slipper photographed is in colour wine.   Made in England.

A luxury leather moccasin slipper, with a suede upper, fabric lining and rubber sole. 
€27.90 from €16.74
A light weight, flexible double faced sheepskin slipper with a suede sole. Made in England.

A modern luxury sheepskin mule slipper.   Made in England.
A classic womens leather moccasin. Has a rubber sole, real sheepskin lining and soft leather upper.
€66.96 €50.22

Women's sheepskin slipper with a full sheepskin collar, sheepskin lining, suede upper and rubber sole. 
Always a favourite, elastic gusset for a snug fit. Suede upper, sheepskin lining, suede sole for hard wear and maximum flexibilty and comfort.   Made in England.

Our luxury classic slipper, with the finest quality sheepskin collar and lining. Silky suede upper, sheepskin lining, sheepskin collar. Suede sole for hard wear and maximum flexibility and comfort.   Made in England.
Our classic womens sheepskin slippers have silky suede upper and suede soles. These sheepskin slippers from the UK have high quality lambswool linings and real sheepskin collars.   Made in England.

A flexible moccasin made with double faced sheepskin and collar, and a suede sole.
ladies sheepskin moccasin with sheepskin collar and outdoor sole

Womens slip on style slipper. Suede upper with real sheepskin lining and sock.   Has a flexi rubber sole suitable for indoor and outdoor use. E WIDE FITTING
A style combining elegance with warmth in our best selling mule. Suede upper, sheepskin lining, sheepskin collar, suede sole for hard wear and maximum flexibility and comfort.   Made in England.

Womens ballerina slipper made with doubleface sheepskin.Features rubber pads on the soles for grip indoor and outdoor use.Decorative lace.
A timeless classic soft sole moccasin, with natural sheepskin lining. Suede upper, sheepskin lining, suede soft sole.   Made in England.

Ladies original fluffy sheepskin slipper, with new curly wool. Luxury sheepskin on the outside, and warm and cosy inside too. Suede sole for hard wear and maximum flexibility.

Get Fascinated By The Exclusive And Trendy Womens Sheepskin Slippers At Draper Of Glastonbury

Women's best sheepskin slippers and Moccasin from Draper of Glastonbury are stylish designs made from quality sheepskin, leather and lambswool. These natural materials allow your feet to breathe naturally while keeping them at normal body temperature while offering superb comfort and support for your feet. Some designs feature convenient rubber soles suitable for outside use.

Draper has around 75 years' experience of hand making real moccasins and women and men sheepskin slippers at the family run workshop. Colours for the Women's sheepskin slippers, moccasins and mules include cherry, fuchsia, sky and nut.

Women are fascinated by shopping for new things; whether it is household stuff or something to add to their wardrobe. When it comes to ladies slippers, We at the Draper of Glastonbury have come up with excellent collection of women slippers through our website. We are renowned womens sheepskin boots manufacturer and the best ones in the UK as proven with our over 75 years of presence in the market.

Women and men sheepskin boots and slippers with the latest designs are released each year, which grab the attention of almost all women. Varieties of discounted Women slippers are available which can be purchased online. They are available at reasonable prices and discounts for you to make a purchase.

Womens moccasins Slipper at bargain prices

The Moccasins Women’s Slippers are trendy and classic ones made from leather, lamb’s wool and quality sheepskin. As they are natural materials, they assist in natural breathing of the skin and also make sure that they offer comfort to the feet. The slippers are soft, cushion-like and offer elegance, comfort and stylish experience. Women genuine sheepskin footwear are very much in style nowadays. The Draper of Glastonbury womens real sheepskin slippers are available in various styles and patterns and you can easily find a pair of your liking.

Best sheepskin slippers for ladies at Glastonbury come in various colors, types and patterns. The sizes available are another advantage for buying slippers for women and men. Women expectation for classic style footwear with a trendy twist can be viewed here. All you need to do is visit the website and you can check out all the options available from luxury sheepskin slippers to moccasins and boots. All patterns from traditional to contemporary are available at this site.

Making a purchase on our user-friendly site is simple and your footwear will be shipped to your doorstep in a short duration of time. We provide shipping facility across the U.S, U.K and Canada.