All You Should Know About Navy Sheepskin Slippers

The temperature at night is dropping, your feet are looking for something warm and cosy and it is time to buy a nice pair of navy sheepskin slippers. These slippers have been worn from as far back as 500 BC and that is because of the material’s incredible properties.

Advantages of using Navy Sheepskin slippers

  • It offers great insulation and thus helps to keep your feet warm in the winter
  • It has air pockets in its structure and thus the feet do not become too hot or too cold and thus perfect to wear all over the year.
  • Sheepskin has natural absorbent which makes it waterproof and soaks up perspiration from the feet up to 7 times more than synthetic materials.
  • It contains lanolin which makes it a good material for people who have sensitive skin
  • They are comfortable to wear as it is soft.
  • It is durable and lasts without any wear and tear for a long time making it a worthy investment.
  • Rubber or EVA soles are used along with sheepskin so that they are more sturdy, but they are also flexible and lightweight making it comfortable to wear.

Styles of Navy Sheepskin Slippers

Sheepskin slippers come in many styles and colors. Some of the styles are:
  • Mule sheepskin slippers: Mule is a shoe style which has no back cover around the heel and the toe is enclosed. Mules have been around from the times of Ancient Rome and traditionally, these were known as bedroom slippers and not worn outside. Through the centuries it has seen many changes and it is now worn on any occasion.
  • Moccasin style: It is a style of a shoe made of soft leather or sheepskin with a sole that is EVA or rubber. It also comes with lace at the top so that the shoe can be tied securely. There is enough room near the toe so that it is comfortable to wear.
  • Boot Sheepskin slippers: This is best suited for people whose feet get cold easily. This rises till the ankle and surrounds the feet in sheepskin.
Just like how a sheep is protected from the cold by their fur, Navy sheepskin slippers protect your feet from cold.
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