What is the Difference Between Loafers & Driving Shoes?

Everyone is confused about what’s the distinction between similar-looking footwear. Aren’t you? Spotlighting today’s topic, we’ve highlighted a few major differences to make it easier for you to spot the main difference. After all, driving loafers and driving shoes should be every man’s ideal choice to keep in his wardrobe.

These two pieces of footwear leave an elegant impression while also making you feel relaxed and comfortable after a long day. So, without taking your time, I’m going to pen down those differences with complete information. Let’s check them out...

Mens Driving Loafers

What is a loafer?

Also known as driving moccs. A loafer is a type of footwear that belongs to the casual shoe category. Driving Loafers are all-purpose shoes that can be worn in any season. To give a touch of elegance, a loafer defines the real fit, i.e., you can wear and open it easily by slipping it off and on. These casual shoes are mainly chosen to wear for work, parties, etc. The materials used for making driving loafers are leather and suede with a tough rubber sole.

However, they are a standard G-width fit, which makes them more spacious and comfortable to wear. These loafers are available in two different styles: moccasin and H-fit. The H-fitting one comes with thick heels and is cushioned with leather inside. The best example of durability and lightweight is the hand-made loafers.

What is a driving shoe?

These types of driving shoes are also considered casual wear and can be worn for any special event. Furthermore, because it is made of high-quality suede, its durability increases by a factor of four or higher. The upper portion seems to be similar to moccasins, but the fit is quite different.

The underlining consists of robust grips to ensure the safe handling of the pedals while driving. However, grips can be found in both footwear, but what distinguishes them from one another—we'll get to that shortly. The rubber sole enhances its look and provides you with great comfort while driving and walking as well.

Mens Driving Shoes

Must-know difference between loafers and driving shoes

You can distinguish them based on their appearance. Loafers are distinguished by their flat soles and small heel size. If you look closely, you'll notice that the tip of the car mocc is round. Furthermore, they come in a variety of styles and designs to make it more appealing, but these two differences are always highlighted to distinguish.

Mens driving car shoes are European-designed footwear that is mainly focused on the sole and comes with a lacing system or without one. They are made carefully by providing pedal grip to ensure better traction while driving. It also comes in G standard width for a perfect fit.

So those were the primary visual distinctions between driving loafers and driving shoes. Now, you are well aware of what distinguishes them. So, I'm going to shine off for now and will return soon with new spicy, and up-to-date topics to help you master your knowledge of footwear fashion.

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Stay safe and keep shopping!

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