The Easiest Way to Clean Draper Sheepskin Slippers

If you've ever bought a pair of Draper sheepskin slippers, you know that to make them free of grime and dirt; washing them perfectly when they do get stained, is the key to making them last for years. That's why we have put in efforts to make sure our customers are aware of how to care and clean their handcrafted sheepskin slippers, which substance are best to utilize, and how to avoid a potentially costly trip to the dry cleaner.

Womens Sheepskin Slippers


Remove strain from the suede

The foremost important product we recommend you to use on your sheepskin slippers is a stain or rain shield made exclusively for leather or suede, especially if you ever plan to wear the sheepskin slippers outdoors. Specifically prepared to repel water, the non-silicone rain repellent will safeguard your sheepskin slippers from water spotting and help them counter soiling too, even if you wear them on a regular basis. To remove spots on the leather or suede, a suede cleaner or conditioner should do the trick.

Cleaning the wool itself

Another special product for cleaning Draper authentic sheepskin is mild detergent or regular hair shampoo, which you can use with cold water to just blot the spotting area of the slipper. Without soaking through to the slippers, delicately rinse and hand blot the excess moisture with a cloth, and then let the slippers air-dry outdoors, and remember not to place them in direct contact with the sunlight to avoid fading. When the suede is nearly dry, brush it out until the wool in the area you cleaned is fluffed up to match the other.

Don't wait to clean your Sheepskin

Treat the stain or spot as soon as it occurs is the best bet for cleaning your sheepskin slippers on your own without having to pay anything to the dry cleaners. If you let it marinate for a week or more, the chances are slim to none of the easy removal. Are your slippers are soiled overall, then it will probably prove to be a good idea to take them to a dry cleaner that has experience cleaning sheepskin slippers.

Make your sheepskin slippers last

Sheepskin is a naturally durable material, and our handcrafted sheepskin slippers are made to last for years if handled with proper care. By following our guidelines for how to clean sheepskin slippers and boots you can enjoy your handcrafted sheepskin slippers from Drapers of Glastonbury for years to come.

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