Everything You Need to Know About Sheepskin Moccasin Slippers

We are the oldest sheepskin footwear manufacturer company in the Somerset, UK. For over several years, we’ve manufactured a wide range of attractive looking slippers, shoes, loafers, mittens, gloves, and other accessories. And, here we’re talking about our fashionable and coziest footwear, which is the men's sheepskin moccasin slipper. Our stunning styles and colors of moccasin slippers are designed in such a way that they provide the wearer an amazing feeling of warmth, comfort, and softness. In this article, we have penned down the deep details about our slippers, which are highly stylish and admired by all our customers. Have a look!

Two Different Modern Styles of Men's Sheepskin Moccasin Slippers

Our "Maine" and "Hugo" moccasin slippers are the top choices of our customers. We design them in traditional techniques to ensure their thick cushioning for comfortability and perfect stitching for longevity. We have explained in detail about our best moccasin slippers for men.


1. Maine

One of our best creations of slippers is Maine, which is luxurious in style and design. Our Maine sheepskin moccasin slipper is a styled with modern presentation and perfect finishing. We’ve made it with a soft suede sole and upper type to make it unbreakable and flexible to walk around in. It is a moccasin slipper type with British sheepskin lining to give the utmost comfort and softness to the feet. Maine sheepskin slip-shoe is available in two enticing colors: dark brown and nut shade. The dark and light shades are your choices, and you can choose as per your interest in color shades.


2. Hugo

Hugo is intended for both modern and traditional men; any age can wear the pair of sheepskin slipper. Our ideal crafting of this footwear includes high quality materials like suede for the upper portion and a thick and robust rubber sole with our signature British sheepskin lining to provide extreme warmth and coziness with the benefit of thick cushioning sheep’s wool inside. Hugo slipper comes in a dark brown color with a moccasin slipper type texture and design. You can wear the pair of Hugo sheepskin moccasin slippers for indoor and outdoor use as well.

More to Discover!

Every slipper we make includes arch support and the thickest padding of sheepskin to ensure you never feel irritated or have an achy foot. Our footwear inner sole can be changed whenever needed and can be replaced by another insole which you can find in our online store. Thus, you can walk easily and can wear it all day long.

Shop Our Latest Design of Slippers, Especially Designed for Men

Check out our wide range of footwear and choose your favorite style and color. Showcase yourself in the brand-new style of our men's and women’s sheepskin moccasin slippers.

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