How do I Know if My Sheepskin Boots are Real?

Do you own a pair of sheepskin boots but are unsure about whether these are genuine or not? With the availability of multiple imitation products in the market, it is vital to know how to differentiate between sheepskin and faux alternatives. We will try to clear any of your related confusion through this blog post. Here, we will explain the key indicators that will assist you in determining whether the sheepskin boots you have in your hands are manufactured from real sheepskin. So, let’s get started:


The Importance of Authenticity

Before you check the authenticity of your indoor sheepskin boots, it is crucial to understand why it matters. Real sheepskin is known for offering a wide range of benefits that the imitations fail to match. Let’s find this out:

  • Natural Insulation: 100 percent authentic sheepskin is known for offering exceptional warmth and insulation. Thus, it provides your feet extreme comfort in different temperatures.
  • Breathability: Genuine sheepskin possesses natural breathable properties. It facilitates easy circulation of air around your feet, which helps in preventing perspiration and overheating.
  • Comfort and Support: Real sheepskin effectively conforms according to the shape of your foot over time. As a result, it offers exceptional comfort and support.

Best Ways to Check the Authenticity of Your Indoor Sheepskin Boots

1. Texture and Appearance

You can get an idea about the authenticity of your shearling boots from the texture and appearance of the material.

  • Natural Variations: Real sheepskin is known for having a natural and irregular texture. You will find its availability in many different colours and thicknesses. If you observe that the material looks too perfect or uniform, there is a high chance of it being an imitation.
  • Softness and Flexibility: Sheepskin that is 100 percent real is pliable and soft. As a result, it aids in providing a luxurious feel when touched. On the other hand, the faux materials tend to be less supple and stiffer.

2. Examining the Fur

Another great way to check the genuineness of shearling boots is by closely looking at their fur.

  • Length and Density: Authentic sheepskin is plush and dense with differing hair lengths. On the contrary, imitation products often contain a shorter and uniform fur that typically lacks the natural variations of real sheepskin.
  • Natural Tapering: The fur that is present on genuine sheepskin naturally tapers from the base to the tip. However, in the case of fake materials, the fur will be cut to a uniform length, thereby lacking this tapering effect.

3. Inspecting the Backing

You can get valuable information about their authenticity from the backing material of your boots.

  • Suede Backing: Sheepskin boots made from authentic sheepskin typically possess a suede backing, which refers to the skin side of the hide. This backing should be a little rough and soft to the touch.
  • Synthetic Backing: Imitation shearling boots often possess a fabric or synthetic backing that lacks the natural texture of suede and also feels smoother.

4. Smell and Feel

Your senses can also assist you in deciding whether your boots are made from natural sheepskin or not.

  • Natural Odour: Genuine sheepskin is recognised for its unique and pleasant natural smell. If your boots have a synthetic or chemical odour, then there is a high chance of them being fake.
  • Temperature Regulation: Putting on genuine sheepskin slipper boots offers you a feeling of warmth. However, you will not feel too hot. Ultimately, it helps in providing unmatched insulation properties.
In a Nutshell

So, it is essential to ensure the genuineness of your boots to enjoy its full range of benefits. By considering all the above-discussed points, we hope you can determine its authenticity in the best possible manner.

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