How to Buy Draper Sheepskin Slippers Online?

If you've ever wondered how to buy sheepskin slippers from the online store? Look no further than Draper of Glastonbury sheepskin as that's what we specialize in, we have a wide range of sheepskin footwear, slippers, and boots to choose from at great prices.

Sheepskin Slippers

Draper of Glastonbury is here to provide you the finest quality sheepskin slippers for women and men and we blend our classic designs along with absolute luxury and texture where once you've put our sheepskin slippers on, you'll never want to leave the house again without them!

We Have the Following Slippers Available...

For Women's

  • Becky - This is your classical half backed sheepskin lined slipper which is loved by all generations.
  • Ellen - A classic bestseller slipper in the sheepskin slipper ranks, which has proven a hit amongst all our users.
  • Belinda - This is an elegant sheepskin slipper and a newcomer to the sheepskin slipper family which occupies Draper's signature sheepskin lining, perfect for any occasion.
  • Camilla - This modern double-faced sheepskin slipper encompasses the essence of Draper of Glastonbury with pure sheepskin luxury.
  • Daisy - This is a unique blend of inner sheepskin comfort with a suede upper, leather lace, rubber sole and sheepskin lining known to be the King of Luxury.
  • Emma - Emma sheepskin slipper with a suede upper, fabric lining and rubber sole makes this an all-time favorite customers choice.

For Men's

  • Anton - This is best selling luxury classic Men's slipper with the finest quality sheepskin lining that makes this slipper all-time comfy footwear.
  • Trevor - This is a well-loved traditional sheepskin slipper with a snug feeling, you won't be able to take them off your feet!
  • Daniel - Last but by no means least the Daniel offers pure comfort and is a popular and cosy backless slipper.

How to buy draper sheepskin slippers online? Simply browse through our website, place your order and you won't be disappointed. All footwear is of top quality and you can be assured to get value for the money that you invest

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