How To Clean Your Sheepskin Moccasins In 5 Simple Steps

As you must be aware, products made from sheepskin should be taken care of properly. Taking care of such accessories can keep them durable for a longer time and keep them in excellent condition. It is very essential when owning sheepskin moccasins to clean them gently so that they won’t be damaged. A pair of sheepskin moccasins are very strong and durable and can give you great comfort and relaxation all year round.

sheepskin moccasins

To make it more simple, we have brought you the easiest way and also important tips to clean your moccasin shoes at home without making more effort, so that it won't become a burden for you.

1. Hands are sheepskin moccasin's best friend

Always remember that cleaning sheepskin moccasins by hand is a must. Because using a washing machine to clean the slippers can damage them. Your hand will be the best cleaning agent and will keep it in good condition for a long time without damaging it.

2. Use normal or Luke warm water

You can use Luke's warm or cold water while cleaning moccasins. Hot water can really damage the color and stitching of footwear. So, try to avoid washing it with hot water and use only warm water.

3. Take extra precautions against stains

If you find a tough stain on your sheepskin moccasin slippers, then you can take a cotton cloth, put some gentle shampoo on the cloth, and then carefully and gently rub on the stain. You will see good results and it will be helpful for you to make your slippers look new and in excellent condition.

4. Use lanolin-rich shampoo

Washing sheepskin moccasins are very easy, just take cold water in the bucket, add a certain amount of lanolin-rich shampoo or mild detergent to avoid stiffness, and mix it well. Then, put your shoes in the bucket and soak them well for a while. After that, wash it properly and dry it in natural air.

Keep in mind not to dry it in direct sunlight, as it can damage the colour of the slippers and make them look ugly. For information, using mild or lanolin shampoo can keep the natural presence of lanolin oil in sheepskin, which actually heals the wounds and cuts. So, always try to wash it with a mild shampoo or detergent.

5. Think about the final step

Don't forget to add these 4 simple steps for cleaning your sheepskin moccasins to your cleaning tips list. Whenever you come from outside, you might see dust and mites getting spread all over your shoes. To make it not wash, again and again, brush it with a soft bristle brush and remove all dust to avoid the settling down of dust to turning into a tough stain.

Sheepskin Moccasins - A source to live a happy and healthy life!

Proper cleaning and maintenance can save the life span of your sheepskin moccasins and also your money by not buying another one. This 100% natural product will give you an all-in-one benefit for you and your feet.

It has the natural property of being water-resistant, fire-resistant, healing, wicking moisture, and many more properties to give you amazing comfort and can be worn in every season. You can wear this sheepskin footwear with any outfit as it is stylish and fashionable with too many choices for both men and women.




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