How to Make Sheepskin Moccasins?

Sheepskin moccasins are a highly demanded footwear choice due to the extreme comfort factor associated with them. Not only are these comfortable and cosy, but they are also timeless classics.

They are perfect for wearing around the home or even outside. You have landed in the right place if you wish to make your pair of high quality sheepskin moccasins, but are unaware of the steps to follow. This blog post will inform you about the steps to overcome your pain. Let's dig in:

Reo Sheepskin Moccasin

Required Materials

  • Sheepskin or lambskin
  • Leather or suede
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Pencil or pen
  • Awl
  • Rubber sole (optional)
  • Leather dye (optional)

Key Steps to Follow

Step 1: Making a Pattern

First, you will require creating a pattern before cutting the sheepskin. You can build it by tracing around your foot on a piece of paper or using a pre-made one. For seam allowance, make sure to add an extra half-inch.

Step 2: Cutting the Sheepskin

The subsequent step involves cutting out two pieces of sheepskin for each foot using the pattern you have settled for. You must cut out two rectangular suede or leather pieces for the soles. To get the best result, ensure cutting them a little larger than your foot's bottom.

Step 3: Sewing the Moccasin

As a part of the next step, position the two pieces of sheepskin together by ensuring that the fur side faces each other. Now, please use a thread and a needle to sew them together.

Remember to leave the top part open so your foot can slide in. After that, consider stitching the suede or leather sole to the bottom portion of the sheepskin. Your main goal would be to ensure that it is securely attached.

Step 4: Turning the Moccasin Right Side Out

Once you have sewed the moccasin, all you need is to turn it right side out so that the fur is visible. You can attempt to push the fur through the opening by utilising a pair of scissors.

Step 5: Finishing the Moccasin

Now, focus on folding the top of the moccasin down and sewing a seam around the edge. You can sew in a piece of leather or suede fringe to add a decorative touch.

Step 6: Repeating for the Other Foot

Finally, repeat all five steps above to make a second moccasin suitable for your other foot.

Michael Sheepskin Moccasin

Essential Tips to Follow While Sewing Sheepskin Moccasins

  1. Use a strong thread and a large eye needle to sew the sheepskin.
  2. Be careful not to cut the fur while cutting the sheepskin. Using scissors for this work is a better idea than a rotary cutter.
  3. You can download free patterns online to avoid making your pattern. Another option is to buy a design from a craft store.
Jessica Sheepskin Moccasin Slippers
Final Words

All in all, making your moccasins is a rewarding and fun project. You can create a beautiful pair of moccasins that matches your taste based on your preference and liking. You can customise them by selecting different colours and patterns of suede or leather when creating your pairs on your own. Additionally, they make outstanding gifts for friends and family members.

Follow these easy steps to create a stylish and cosy pair of moccasins that will keep your feet warm throughout the winter months. If you find it difficult to follow these steps, buy a pair of sheepskin moccasin footwear from a trusted manufacturer who sells the finest quality products is recommended. This way, you can get your preferred footwear without taking any hassles.

Hopefully, you have found this blog post to be valuable.

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