How to Stop Sheepskin Slippers from Smelling?

At the end of the day when you remove your sheepskin slipper, you would have noticed a pungent bad odor coming out of it. If you are in your friend’s place, this can be really embarrassing. How can you prevent sheepskin slippers from giving off such a foul smell?

Tips On How to Prevent Your Sheepskin Slippers and Boots from Smelling

There is a simple preventative measure that can be done to avoid the problem. Get baking soda… about 25 grams. You also need corn flour in equal proportion. Mix them in a box and then pour them into your slippers. Shake the slippers vigorously, so that powder gets into every corner of the boot. Do this for about three minutes or so and then put the slippers on one side overnight. Next day turn the slippers upside down and shake out the powder. Shake vigorously so that you get the powder out as much as possible, although some of it might still be left behind. Don’t worry about this as it won’t hurt your feet.


If you find above method time consuming, don't worry we have another method for you, get 100 grams of baking soda and put it inside your socks. Put each sock into the slippers and leave them for a night, it will evaporate the smell by next morning.

Another way of preventing bad odor could be by washing the slippers or boots in water and let them dry and after that use a shoe deodorizer. This spray will remove bad odor. You can also apply baby powder on your feet before you wear sheepskin slippers, as this prevents it from sweating. Apart from the above methods, it is recommended to have two pair of shoes or slippers, instead of just one which you use daily. You can also consider replacing the insoles, especially if they have been very worn out.

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