How to tell if sheepskin is real or fake?

The warm and comfy material, which is so soft to the touch, gives an ultimate feeling of luxury. To determine its originality and fake-ness, it’s crucial to figure out what drawbacks it reflects if the sheepskin slippers are not made with 100% real sheep wool or Sherpa.

However, everything on this planet has a genuine and a fake version; it is our responsibility to determine whether the product is genuine or not. In addition, there are a few red flags that clearly say, "WARNING: This is fake; STOP!". So, to provide a complete guide on "How to tell if sheepskin is real or just a look-alike," the following are the points to note down:

Sheepskin slippers

1. Examine the pelt

Sheepskin is leather that is made from sheep's wool, i.e., attached to the skin. The first thing you need to check is the back portion of the product. Try to peel the wool attached to the pelt; if the wool is difficult to peel, then it is a real sheepskin. And if the wool gets easily detached, it’s a red flag; just drop it.

2. A touch tells everything

The next thing you need to try is feeling the wool with your palm, i.e., touching the sheepskin leather; if it leaves a soft, silky touch and the pelt is very thin, you can trust the product. And vice versa, then it’s better to leave the item behind. In addition, fake ones can also be soft, but sometimes they feel abrasive.

3. Insulation check

The third and foremost point to try out is insulation checking. If you love sheepskin moccasin slippers, you must be aware that it is a thermal insulation material. This means that it feels cool in hot weather and warm and cozy in cold weather.

So, what you need to do is take a half glass of water, then put a little bit of water on the small surface of lambskin, pat with your hand, "Are you feeling warm or cold?" If it feels neutral then it is detected as fake and if it feels warmer then it is identified as real sheepskin.

4. Machine wash instructions

Always remember, a real sheepskin should not be washed in a washing machine. It destroys the overall material and leaves it faded and torn. So, if the product is instructed to be washed in a washing machine, it’s not original; it can be faux or Sherpa made with synthetic fabric, such as polyester or acrylic.

Sheepskin moccasin slippers
Shop for the best and most genuine sheepskin slippers

So, these were the tried and true methods to check whether the product is real lambskin or faux. If you ever visit a shop to buy any fleece product, try to apply the aforementioned points. These ways ensure you shop for 100% original sheepskin slippers. Thus, shop for the finest and indulge in the coziness of a fleece.

Happy Shopping!

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