Let’s Get Driving with Men’s Driving Shoes

The last couple of years has seen an increase in the number of cars hitting the roads. Now cars are not only the means of transport to work but are also meant for some fun, like long road trips. But driving is no fun if your feet are not jeweled with the right pair of men's driving shoes. Deciding on the perfect driving shoes and caring for them isn’t a kid’s job. So here are some pointers to make the task easier. Men, let’s get the driving right.

Driving and Driving Shoes - A Perfect Combination

The driving shoes and driving happens to be a perfect combination. The materials used for creating that just-the-right pair of shoes makes it even better. Mens driving shoes match the profile of loafers but are closer to moccasins and flaunts the sporty style. They are usually of ankle length and made to be worn in a slip-on style. This makes it easier to be worn or pull off swiftly, even in a rush. The upper, made of Italian leather or low-luster-sheen leather or suede perfectly elevates any outfit and also comes with different mid-top styling, along with a variety of colors, adding that extra charm. Though style speaks gravity, performance lies in the outer sole. Being light-weight and flexible is a must for their swift performance.

Men’s Driving Shoes

Mens driving shoes are made of rubber soles, which are either treaded or contains grommet or small rubber pebbles for maximum grip and traction. The soles can be either squared-off toe shaped or round-shaped. To provide comfort, these shoes come with cushioned foot bed lined in soft suede or less rough sheepskin leather.

Shoes Matching with Almost All Outfits

Mens driving shoes, even though classy and stylish and looks fun, are meant for more casual outings. They shouldn’t be worn to a client’s dinner or a wedding unless you are trying to ruin your charm. The perfect pair of shoes needs a good companion of outfits. Try keeping it casual when going for a date by combining them with trim denim worn with a classic leather jacket. When heading for a fun weekend drinks party with your pals, pair these shoes with chinos or cotton shorts and a casual blazer.

Men’s Driving Shoes

Careful maintenance is the key to last long

On-spot cleaning is the main mantra for a spick and span pair of shoes. Try to clean any dirt or stain as soon as you see them with a clean dry cloth. For stubborn stains, use a white cloth dabbed in a concoction containing 3:1 ivory dish soap and distilled water or warm water mixed with white vinegar. Try to rub the leather or suede upper gently as they are sensitive to any abrasions. Leather conditioners can be used to even out the tone of suede or leather and hide stains. White vinegar also reduces odor. To prevent feet from sweating use antiperspirants or foot powder.
So, by now you must be super pumped up for your pair of shoes. Then why wait further, just
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