Men’s driving moccasins: Outstanding Quality Complying with The Rules

You probably re familiar with the moccasin style, but, do you know how driving moccasins are different? Driving mocs are enhanced in a way that they are tailored to cruising the road. We are going to give you a scoop on their special design and styling them right.

 driving moccasins

Handcrafted construction goes easy on your feet

These are made with an artisanal process as each moccasin is handcrafted and made-to-order so, you can trust the sizing. The leather and suede that yields supple, luxurious comfort while offering supreme durability. Heel or no heel, the choice is yours with the rubber soles that are lightweight. Make room for the mustard, chocolate suede and navy suede moccasins to introduce variety in your wardrobe.

#Care: Offer a preventative care to keep water and stains away from your moccasins. With an easy spray of suede/leather stain repellent, it offers an easy way to clean and protect your mens driving moccasins. Treat the stain instantly with a gentle rub in a circular motion. Use a gentle soap or shampoo, such as baby shampoo, and a damp cloth.

#Design: Different from the traditional men’s moccasins that are soft, flat leather shoes with no sole, driving moccasins feature pebbled nubs along the bottom to grip the pedals and extend the wear of the shoe. The flexibility and comfort comes handy for driving performance.
Although made to be soft and lightweight, they are still designed with larger rubber panels for more durability. Some of the pairs are layered with double the leather for extra support and durability as well. They are all made slightly wider than narrow to maximise comfort with a generous space around the toe area too to fit you just right.

#How to Wear: These are a casual shoe, but are ideal when you want to attain an original style statement. They go well with spring and summer attire. You can easily pair them with seersucker pants, jeans or chinos. They also work well for a dressed-up shorts look for a beach wedding and yacht parties. They have a classic appeal in neutral colors. They look chic with assorted prints and bright colors and you can even choose to wear them different textures and shades of clothing.

#Bonus tip: Go sockless! Driving moccasins look best on a sockless foot. However, if being barefoot in a shoe is not the idea you can jump on right away, go for ankle socks that are cropped to be hidden under the shoe.

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