Cleaning Slippers? Quick Tips to Shine Your Leather Sheepskin Slippers

Is your slipper dirty? And looking for a simple way to clean it? Cleaning sheepskin products, on the other hand, should be done gently and properly in order to keep them in pristine condition. Taking care of leather sheepskin slippers is somehow very simple, its just like putting them on. And, things you need to clean your slip-on is hidden in your daily schedule, i.e., items you use every day in the house is the key to a shiny and great looking footwear. Scroll down to learn how to deep clean your shoes and make them shinier so they can go with any outfit.


How do I Clean Leather Sheepskin Slippers?

The inner lining of this slipper is made with sheepskin material, which needs some proper care and gentle cleansing to avoid damage. And, for the leather part, below are the things and techniques to proceed with...

What is Required to Clean Sheepskins?

  • Soft-bristle brush
  • Lanolin shampoo or detergent (avoid a harsh one)
  • Bucket of water
  • Soft cotton cloth

Clean it Like a Pro!

Firstly, pour some lanolin shampoo or detergent into the half-filled bucket of water. Put the slipper in the bucket and soak it for a while. Take it out and gently brush the inner part of the footwear. After brushing, you can rinse it in clear water and air dry it. If the slipper is not that dirty, you can just wipe it out with a wet cotton cloth by putting some shampoo on the cloth, and then wash it in a bucket of water and dry it. That’s it; your slippers are cleaned perfectly.


How to Clean Leather Sheepskin Slippers without Damaging Them?

Due to sheepskin’s natural property of being non-repellent, avoid cleaning it frequently. Simply wipe it down with a cotton cloth to keep it looking new. Its self-regulating fibers don’t require much cleaning. Moreover, avoid washing it in the washing machine because the machine can damage the stitching and can be harsh on slipper color, stitch, and materials like leather, suede, and sheepskin. This means washing them is very simple and doesn’t require extra care.

How to Take Care of Slippers When not in Use?

When not in use, clean it properly by following the above-mentioned tips. Then, before covering it with a cotton cloth, spray some sheepskin protector inside and keep it in a dark, dry place to avoid settling of dust, mites, and other unwanted things.

Moreover, when you want to wear it, just spray some non-silicone water repellent on the inner lining. Therefore, your leather sheepskin slippers are ready to shine brighter and to walk around all day long.

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