Best Selling Sheepskin Slippers

Our best selling sheepskin slippers are our most popular designs. Here at Draper of Glastonbury we manufacture high quality slippers in our own factory in Somerset, England. Established in 1937 we are a fourth generation family business and the Glastonbury area has been famous for sheepskin slippers since the 12th century AD when the monks of Glastonbury Abbey began tanning sheepskins. We export worldwide, and we specialise in both traditional and contemporary designs, with our range changing each season to reflect changes in British and international fashion.

The best selling mens sheepskin slippers are a style called Anton, which is a classic Grecian design with a suede upper, our signature sheepskin lining, and a suede sole which is soft and flexible. These have been popular for many years, and we offer different variations of it too, including our slipper Trevor which is the same but with a rubber sole and Lewis which is the same but with a Harris Tweed upper from Scotland. Moccasin designs are also very popular, including both Hugo and Maine. They have a lace that can be adjusted to make the fitting perfect, and they are a casual design that is suitable for most ages and outfits.

The best selling womens sheepskin slippers are our boot slipper designs which include Tilly, Camilla, Glow, and Jane. These are modern designs which are extremely warm and comfortable, which have a collar that goes above the ankles for extra warmth. The boot design ensures they stay on your feet well while you walk too, so they are practical too. The popularity of a slipper design shows that other people regularly buy those styles, so they are tried and tested, so you can trust and rely on them. Top selling slippers near me can be purchased here directly online, where we offer free delivery and free returns, or alternatively, you can visit our factory shop here in Glastonbury, Somerset if you are nearby. We have our entire range in stock and ready to deliver to you.

Best sheepskin slippers with arch support include our slipper styles with a small heel. Not many other slipper brands include slippers with heels and most are completely flat, which is another reason that we are such a trusted brand. For men, the best styles would be Anton, Trevor, or Greg. Greg is the most structured slipper that we offer, and it has heel support as well as a small heel giving great arch support too. For women, the best styles would be Ellen, Jane, or Belinda which all have a small heel providing great arch support. The best sheepskin slippers for narrow feet for women would be our style Ellen, which is often sold to people with narrow feet, and we have supplied other narrow fitting specialist retailers with that very style too.
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