British Lambskin Gloves

Thank you for visiting Draper of Glastonbury. We are experts and specialists at making the finest quality British lambskin gloves for men and women, and we have been manufacturing high quality sheepskin products in our own factory in Somerset since the 1930’s. Our expert craftsmen and women have worked for the company for most of their working lives, with an average of thirty years per employee, and we are still family owned and run. With over 80 years of experience, we are now the oldest producers of sheepskin products in the United Kingdom, and we started making Great Britain lambskin gloves from the very beginning. During the Second World War, we produced safety leather and asbestos gloves for the British government and soon started making lambskin gloves after the war as Glastonbury has been known for skilled sheepskin craftsmanship since 12th century AD and this was the skill in the local area. We are now the only sheepskin company left in Glastonbury.

Our lambskin gloves from Britain are made in traditional British designs, which are popular throughout the world. We make fingerless gloves, mittens, regular gloves, cuff gloves as well as many other types, in many different colours too. Each pair is individually handmade from start to finish, and they take around four weeks to make. They are hand cut, hand sewn and hand lasted, and they are made from British lambskins which come from British tanneries.

Our womens British lambskin gloves are easy to size up, and they are typically measured by the circumference around your knuckles, in inches. You can read about our size guide by clicking on ‘sizing’ when on the product page of the mens lambskin gloves you like the look of. If you need assistance please phone and a member of our expert team will be able to assist you. We have a factory shop in Glastonbury also, so if you are ever nearby, then please stop off and pay us a visit.

Fingerless lambskin gloves are the softest and most flexible gloves available, which are designed for warmth, and comfort in the cold winter months and for the practicality of use too. They allow your fingers to move freely around so that you can continue with your everyday chores and jobs.

There is nothing worse than having cold hands and feet in the winter period, and real sheepskin and lambskin is the best thing for it. There is nothing warmer, and the lambskins that we use are a by product of the meat industry, so we are using a sustainable raw material that would otherwise go to waste. Ladies lambskin gloves UK have a woolly inside and a sueded outer, so they look smart as well as being ultra warm and comfortable.
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