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Calf Leather Slippers

Here at Draper of Glastonbury, we have been manufacturing the best quality, softest calf leather slippers in our factory in Somerset since 1937. We specialise in handmade slippers which are made by expert craftsmen with many years of experience, and we use only the finest materials of calf leather, suede and sheepskin, which are naturally the best. We are the oldest slipper makers in the United Kingdom and this level of experience results in the very best slippers in the world.

Soft slippers made from calf leather are the most comfortable to wear because they will be flexible when you walk and they will mould to the shape of your foot very quickly. They will feel lightweight, but be extremely durable and hard wearing at the same time, and they will feel subtle to touch and luxurious. It is a sign of a high-quality pair of soft calf leather slippers, and anybody that walks into your home and sees them will know that you know what good quality is.

Calf leather is the softest type of leather available to buy, and the leathers that we use come from premium British tanneries, where the quality of the leather is the best in the world. The leathers are a by product of the meat industry, so they are sustainable because they are a waste material, and the animal welfare in the UK is extremely high, in fact, it’s the best in the world.

Some of our high quality calf leather slippers have suede soles for flexibility and comfort, and others have a hard rubber sole for outdoor use as well. We specialise in the hand turned construction of slipper, which is where the slippers are made inside out and are turned during the making stage of production while put onto a last to ensure the perfect shape and fitting. Making slippers inside out ensures the perfect slipper is made.

We sell calfskin leather slippers UK with grain leathers and smooth leathers as well, and we have many different colours of suede and leather available to buy. Most of our men’s leather slippers are available in black or a wine colour which is a dark burgundy colour and is very popular. They will look smart for any occasion and especially when you have friends and family visiting your home. For women, we also have different colours and both leather and suede uppers available with our regular calf slippers for women.

Our slippers take four weeks to manufacture, as they are made by hand through each stage of production. They go through ten different stages of production before they are finally finished, and only the very best quality mens black calf leather slippers make it through our quality control. Any flaws result in the slippers being rejected.
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