Classic Leather Slippers

Draper of Glastonbury has been making the best quality classic leather slippers in Somerset since 1937. Many different styles are available, from traditional classic styles to contemporary styles too. All are produced in England, and the finest leathers are used to make each and every pair. Our leather slippers are all made in England using the turned slipper construction, which is where they are made inside out, and then turned before being lasted and finished. This enables the perfect slipper to be made.

Classic leather mules slippers - Handmade in England

The most popular classic leather mule slippers are the style William, which has a leather upper, soft leather lining, and suede sole. It is a traditional Grecian style, slip-on. It is a regular width fitting and is extremely popular around the world. These are for men, but our womens leather mule is called Iris, which is also extremely popular.

Luxurious Genuine classic leather house slippers

The best classic leather house slippers are the style Charles, which have a calf leather upper which is extremely soft but hardwearing, and a silky sueded leather lining, and a suede sole. This is a regular fitting, but there is another style called Spencer which is a wider fitting version too. Both come in whole and half sizes, ensuring the perfect fitting slipper. They have a small heel, which allows for perfect posture and ease of walking. They are made to last and will be the best slippers you ever own.

Cosy and comfy classic leather moccasin slippers for mens

Our classic leather moccasin slippers are the style called Maine, which have a sheepskin lining, suede upper and suede sole, and we also do a style called Reo for women which is the same but the womens version.

Comfortable Indoor Outdoor classic leather bootie slippers for ladies

There are classic leather bootie slippers available for sale also, with our ladies style called Camilla, which has a collar then folds up over the ankles. It has a sheepskin lining throughout, and a durable rubber sole for both indoor and outdoor use.

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