Expensive Sheepskin Slippers

Expensive sheepskin slippers which are high quality are available here at Drapers. Our slippers are handmade in England, in our factory in Somerset as they have been since 1937. Our expert craftsmen and women have a lifetime of experience working with sheepskin, and the Glastonbury area itself has been famous for sheepskin since the 12th century when the monks of Glastonbury Abbey began tanning skins.

Expensive sheepskin moccasin slippers

Expensive moccasin slippers include our styles Maine for men, and Reo for women, which have a genuine signature sheepskin lining throughout, and high-quality soft suede upper and sole. They are made to perfection, with each pair individually hand-stitched and cut. They are our most popular moccasins, but we also sell other options with rubber soles too. We have many other types of slipper available too:

Expensive sheepskin mules slippers

Expensive mule slippers are slip-on styles which are available with both a suede leather sole or a rubber sole too. Our most popular mens mule slipper is our Daniel style, which has a sheepskin lining, suede upper and outdoor rubber sole. Our most popular womens mule slipper is our style Lilly, which also has a sheepskin lining, suede upper and rubber sole.

Expensive sheepskin booties slippers

We also offer expensive booties slippers such as our style Camilla for women, which has a real sheepskin collar which can fold up over the ankles. It has a rubber sole, and a double-faced sheepskin upper, with a thick wool lining which allows for maximum warmth and comfort.

We have Grecian slippers which are extremely popular in classical English designs which are popular worldwide. Our style for men called Anton is the most popular slipper that we sell, and the styles Ellen and Jane are the most popular for women. They all have our signature sheepskin lining from British sheep, which are warm, hardwearing and breathable. Above all, they are natural and sustainable.

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