Extra Warm Gloves

If you are searching for the warmest gloves available for really cold winter conditions, then look no further. Here at Draper of Glastonbury, we have been making the best quality extra warm gloves since 1937, and we have a factory in Glastonbury where we specialise in real sheepskin products; slippers, the warmest gloves, and boots. Our sheepskin gloves are the warmest types of gloves that you can buy, and they are perfect for snow, ice, and terrible winter conditions. We export our gloves to some of the coldest countries in the world, where they are worn and appreciated as being the warmest solution available, including Canada, Norway, and Russia. There are many factors which make real sheepskin the best material for making the highest quality warmest winter gloves ever from, which are extra warm and extra durable too.

The sheepskin that we use is of the best quality, and the better the quality of the sheepskin, the warmer the extra warm sheepskin gloves are. As we specialise in sheepskins, we know exactly which type is needed to make the best gloves, which are both warm and comfortable, as well as soft and flexible, and hard wearing as well. Each pair of gloves that leaves our factory is handmade from start to finish, and they take around four weeks to make. They are hand cut, hand sewn and hand lasted too, by expert craftspeople with a lifetime of experience working with sheepskin. This results in the very best sheepskin gloves that are extra warm in the world.

The reason that hands and feet become the coldest areas of your body during cold winter weather, is because of the circulation of your blood to those areas. The circulation is much stronger in your body compared with the ends of your limbs, and this is why it is vital that you keep your hands and feet warm with warmest sheepskin gloves and footwear. There is nothing warmer than real sheepskin lined gloves and footwear, and it has been used for warmth as a natural material for thousands of years.

Warmest gloves for women from Draper will last for many years, and for this reason, our gloves represent excellent value for money. It is time to end the throwaway fashion culture of buying poor quality gloves on the high street, which will not last for a month before you have to replace them. They are less warm than real sheepskin extra warm winter gloves, and will not last anywhere near as long either. Extra warm womens gloves are a traditionally styled fashion item, that will not change much over many years, so there is no need to replace them each and every year.
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