Flexible Sheepskin Gloves

There are many benefits of real sheepskin gloves as opposed to other types of glove, and the flexibility is certainly at the heart of it. Sheepskin is a luxurious natural material that has many great properties which naturally puts it ahead of the manmade competition. It has been used in the manufacture of flexible sheepskin gloves for thousands of years, and there is nothing warmer for the coldest winter conditions. Here at Draper of Glastonbury, we are experts when it comes to making the best quality gloves from real sheepskin, and we have over 80 years of experience. We have a factory in Somerset, where we have been making sheepskin products since 1937, and we are a family owned and run business, so we know a thing or two about making sheepskin gloves that are flexible.

During the 1930’s and 40’s we made safety leather and asbestos gloves for the war effort and soon went into making sheepskin gloves thereafter because the skill in Glastonbury was working with sheepskin. Glastonbury has been famous for sheepskin since the 12th century AD, when the Glastonbury Abbey monks began tanning skins. The Abbey is now a ruin, due to the dissolution of the monasteries by King Henry 8th. We are the oldest sheepskin company left in Glastonbury and the oldest sheepskin specialist manufacturer in the United Kingdom. We are proud to say we are a fourth generation family business.

Easy to move sheepskin gloves need to be flexible because they need to be practical for day to day use, as well as for warmth, comfort, and durability. In order for them to be flexible, they need to be made from a special type of sheepskin which is extra soft, because normal sheepskins will be far too tough and not flexible enough. Tougher sheepskins are best for the manufacture of footwear. Merino sheepskins are best for making the most flexible sheepskin gloves, as well as lambskins.

Warm flexible gloves will enable your fingers to move around freely so that you can easily pick things up, and use your phone. They will feel very comfortable to wear, because you can move around so easily, and you can easily take them on and off. They’ll enable you to wear them without feeling like you have heavy and large gloves on, so they will naturally feel great. They will suit every outfit because they are a versatile type of glove.

The wool of our flexible winter gloves needs to be made at an exact length; they need to have long enough wool to provide the maximum level of warmth, but not so long that they make your hands feel bulky when you wear them. Generally speaking, the wool length of flexible lambskin gloves needs to be around one centimetre thick, to ensure the perfect fitting and warmth.
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