Hard Wearing Slippers

Slippers that are hard wearing will last for a very long time, which will save you having to replace them each and every year, and you will be able to rely on the slippers to provide you with the maximum level of comfort and warmth. At Draper of Glastonbury we are expert manufacturers of the world’s finest hard wearing slippers; established in 1937 we have been making our slippers in our own factory in Somerset for over 80 years, and are now the oldest slipper makers in the United Kingdom. This level of experience ensures that our slippers are the best quality available, and we use only the finest British leathers, suede, and sheepskin to make our slippers. They are extremely hard wearing and durable, and we expect them to last for many years.

The materials that we use are soft and comfortable as well as being durable, so they are very comforting to wear. They will mould to the shape of your feet and are impossible to wear out. They look smart too; so when you have family members to visit or friends, they will be impressive.

Hard wearing sheepskin slippers are much better for the environment than buying poor quality slippers that wear out quickly and keep needing to be replaced. If you keep replacing poor quality slippers, then there are more emissions that go into producing the slippers and shipping them to you each and every time. Plus, poor quality slippers are often made in China, and if you buy from Drapers then you know that your hard wearing leather slippers are made from expert craftsmen and women locally in the United Kingdom, so there are very low air miles involved, plus the raw materials are the UK sourced too. The leather and suede that we use are a by product of the meat industry, so we are using a sustainable raw material that would otherwise go to waste.

We use a double stitching method when producing our hard wearing mens slippers, which ensures that they will never fall apart or come unstitched, and the materials themselves will never split because we use durable leathers. The uppers on our slippers are suede or leather, lined with sheepskin or leather, so there are always two layers between your feet and the outside, which is another reason that they last for so long.

You cannot beat handmade British hard wearing slippers ladies for the best quality and durability. If you are looking for hard wearing slippers that are the best in the world, then look no further than Draper. We hope that you can find exactly what you need, and if you need assistance, then please contact us and a member of the Draper family will be happy to help. We offer only the best hard wearing slippers UK.
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