Lambswool Slippers

Lambswool slippers are extremely popular because of their warmth properties and the fact it is a natural material rather than manmade. Lambswool has been a popular material for making footwear and clothing for thousands of years in the United Kingdom and around the world, as it is an available raw material that is a by product of the farming industry. The best slippers that you can buy are made from real sheepskin with a lambswool lining, and here at Draper of Glastonbury, we are experts when it comes to real sheepskin lined footwear. We have been making slippers in our own factory in Glastonbury since 1937, and we are a family owned and run business. Our slippers are handmade by expert craftspeople with a lifetime of experience working with slipper making.

Lambswool slippers womens can fall into two different categories of the slipper; those with a ‘wool’ lining, which is where the wool is shaven off of the sheep and put onto a man made woven backer. The second category is with a ‘sheepskin’ lining, where the actual skin with the wool on is used to line the insides of the slipper. Here at Drapers, we specialise in sheepskin linings, and they are higher quality for several important reasons. Firstly, the wool is much softer to touch and therefore much more comfortable to wear with sheepskin, because once the wool is shaved off it becomes much more scratchy to feel, a bit like a lambswool jumper is. Sheepskin is much warmer than wool on its own because it provides an extra layer of material in between the upper and your feet. Finally, sheepskin is much harder wearing and lasts much longer than a wool lining alone. This is why we only offer real sheepskin lined slippers, because they will last for many years and therefore represent excellent value for money.

Our lambswool slippers mens will make you feel as if you are walking on a cloud because they are so soft and comfortable to wear. They will keep you warm during the cold winter months, and regulate the temperature in the warmer summer months as well, which is a unique property of real sheepskin. The uppers on our lambswool moccasin slippers UK are made from suede and leather which is the UK sourced, and we have many different attractive colours available. Slippers that are made in England using materials that are traditionally British such as sheepskin, leather and wool, result in the very best mens lambswool moccasin slippers available in the world. We hope that you can find exactly what you are looking for.
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