Leather Lined Slippers

There are many great benefits of leather lined slippers in comparison to manmade fabric-lined slippers. These are the reason that many people go out of their way to find the best quality leather linings, and are prepared to pay a premium price for them. Here at Draper of Glastonbury, we sell a variety of leather-lined slippers which are produced in the UK in our factory in Somerset, using traditional techniques passed down through four generations of the Draper family. So what are the main benefits of a leather lining?

Handcrafted sheepskin Leather lined moccasin slippers

Leather lined moccasin slippers are much harder wearing than a fabric lining. They are made and designed to last for a much longer time because leather is very hard to wear through. It can last for many years of daily wear, and in many cases, they can last for over ten years.

British Made sheepskin Leather lined mules slippers

Leather lined mule slippers are softer and more comfortable than fabric linings. Typically the type of leather that is used to line slippers is very soft and flexible leather, sometimes made from a premium goatskin or very soft calf leather too. It is often sueded to make it look and feel like a softer material than leather too. This makes it feel like heaven on your feet.

100% Genuine sheepskin Leather lined booties slippers

Leather lined bootie slippers are much warmer than fabric linings. Leather is an animal skin after all, and this has many great properties. It is breathable which means that it will keep your feet very warm, without becoming sweaty. It is also moisture absorbing, naturally. It is a natural material that is sustainable and is made from a waste product of the meat industry.

Styles leather and sheepskin-lined slippers for Women and Men

We offer both leather and sheepskin-lined slippers here at Drapers, so depending on the purpose and your preference; we will have the ideal footwear for you. Our full range can be seen here online, and please contact us should you need assistance.

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