Leather Moccasin Slippers

Leather moccasin slippers are an extremely popular style of slipper that is an old design originating in the United States. They have stitching along the top of the upper along the top of your toes, and they are made from just two pieces of leather; the one that wraps around under your feet and the one that is stitched at the top. As leather moccasins have the stitching along the top of your toes all the way around the slipper, it allows for plenty of room at the toe area compared with other styles of slipper, and they are great for wider fitting as well. Typically moccasin slippers have a lace that goes around the back of your foot, which can be fastened at the front of the slipper, and you can therefore adjust the fitting to suit your requirements. They are easier to manufacture than other styles of slipper which is why they are often a little bit cheaper than regular styles, although there are many details that only a top quality manufacturer will do.

Here at Draper of Glastonbury, we are experts and specialists with moccasin slippers with leather, and we have been making the best quality moccasin slippers since 1937 in our own factory in Glastonbury, Somerset. We are a family run business, and family owned too. Four generations of the Draper family have worked with the company, and most of our skilled craftsmen have been with the company for most of their working lives too. This level of experience is what makes our slippers the very best in the world. We export worldwide, and you can buy directly online for delivery anywhere.

We sell soft leather moccasin slippers for men and women, and we have different colour options available too. Our popular mens leather moccasin slippers are called Michael, and it has a leather upper in either brown or black colour, and it has a fabric lining for year round wear. It has a rubber sole for both indoor and outdoor use as well, so it is very practical. We have very popular handmade leather moccasins with a suede upper and real sheepskin lining as well, which are extremely luxurious, soft and warm, and very comfortable to wear. Our Reo slipper for women is the most popular and our Maine slipper for men. These both have a suede sole for the maximum level of flexibility and comfort, and it makes them lightweight and a dream to wear.

Our womens leather moccasin slippers are handmade in England by experts, and we expect them to last for many years, which represents great value for money, and complete luxury. They make the perfect Christmas gift and the best type of footwear for cold winter conditions.
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