Long Lasting Slippers

Here at Draper of Glastonbury, we believe that good quality slippers should last a long time, and our slippers are the best you can buy. Each pair is individually handmade and goes through rigorous quality control before being finished, and they are made by expert craftspeople in our factory in Somerset. Our factory was established in 1937 and we have specialised in long lasting slippers ever since. We make slippers from premium British leather, suede, and sheepskin, and they are double stitched to ensure the most durable finished slippers are available to buy.

We are a family run and owned business and have been since the 1930’s. Our company was founded by Richard Jack Draper, and the Glastonbury area has been known for sheepskin since 12th century AD when the monks of Glastonbury Abbey began tanning sheepskins. We are now the oldest makers of sheepskin slippers that last a long time in the United Kingdom, and the only sheepskin company left in Glastonbury. We are proud to be flying the flag for British manufacturing and when you buy a pair of long lasting slippers from Draper you are supporting Great British manufacturing and employment.

Our long lasting slippers UK are exported around the globe to some of the most discerning customers in the world. They are known and trusted as being extremely hard wearing and durable, and they are designed to last for many years. It means that you do not need to replace your slippers every six months, as with most regular high street brands, and we believe that our slippers represent excellent value for money.

We have regular fitting long lasting sheepskin slippers, narrow fitting, and wide fitting long lasting house slippers too, as well as a huge range of sizes for both men and women. Our men’s styles begin at a size 6 and finish at a size 14, and our women’s start at a size 3 and finish at a 9. Some of our styles include half sizes too, which is very rare today. Some of our long lasting womens slippers have leather soles, and others have rubber soles for outdoor use too. Some have sheepskin linings for warmth and comfort and that is our specialty, and others have a fabric or leather lining for year round wear.

You can purchase directly on our website, or we have a mail order catalogue that is also available. We have a factory shop in our Glastonbury factory, which you can visit 7 days a week if you are ever near to Somerset. There are plenty of excellent tourist attractions in the area as well which will keep you busy. Our factory shop allows you to visit us and view our factory production lines while shopping, which is a unique experience and truly gives you the reality of how fantastic our long lasting mens slippers really are.
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