Long Sheepskin Boots

Here at Draper of Glastonbury, we have been manufacturing long sheepskin boots since 1937, and we have a factory in Glastonbury which has been producing the best quality sheepskin footwear using the highest quality leathers, suede, and sheepskin for over 80 years. Our boots are handcrafted by expert craftspeople with generations of experience working with sheepskin. We are a family run business, and the Glastonbury area has been famous for sheepskin since the 12th century AD.

We offer many different styles and types of sheepskin boot; with short boots, tall sheepskin boots, and middle length boots available, and some have side zips, some have front zips, and some have no zips at all. Some are made in the popular ugg style, and others are made in more traditional English styles, and all are lined with our signature real sheepskin for the maximum level of warmth and comfort.

High sheepskin boots are a popular choice because of the added warmth that they provide by the extra length coming up over your shins and legs. Long black sheepskin boots not only look great with any outfit, but they are ideal in the real cold winter weather, especially for people with poor circulation in your legs and feet. Long sheepskin boots are very common in colder areas of the world, such as Canada and Norway and Russia, and here at Drapers, we supply our boots worldwide.

We started making long length sheepskin boots back in the 1930’s, and during the 1940’s our factory had installed Italian vulcanising boot making machinery to help produce our boots, which was the first of its kind in England. This lead to our boots being extremely popular around the globe, and we became a major boot supplier to the USSR during the 1960’s, producing hundreds of thousands of pairs per year.

Classic tall sheepskin boots need to fit around your calf muscle, and this will vary from person to person. Our long sheepskin boots called Malton have an elastic gusset at the top of the leg, which makes them flexible enough to fit any size of leg and calf. Other ladies tall sheepskin boots that we sell are wider at the top of the calf, so they can fit any size of calf also; if you have a wider calf they will fit, and if you have a thinner calf then the sheepskin lining will take up the rest of the room.

Our tall sheepskin boots UK are all fully lined with sheepskin from top to toe, from the very top of the leg to the bottom of the toes inside of the boot, as well as the insole as well. This ensures the maximum amount of comfort and warmth and makes them perfect for the coldest winter conditions.
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