Long Sheepskin Gloves

Long sheepskin gloves are what we specialise in here at Draper of Glastonbury, and we have been making the best quality sheepskin gloves in our own factory in Somerset since 1937. We are a family owned and run company, and Glastonbury has been famous for sheepskin since the 12th century AD when the monks of the Glastonbury Abbey began tanning skins.

We started making gloves before the Second World War and supplied safety leather and asbestos gloves throughout the period. Afterwards, we began making real sheepskin gloves, because that was the trade in the local area, and that was where the skill came from. Our gloves are known around the world as being of the finest quality, and we use only the softest and highest quality sheepskins for the manufacture of our long length sheepskin gloves.

We sell long arms sheepskin gloves which can come up high over your wrists, and they can be folded over so they are shorter gloves with a sheepskin collar too. We also offer many normal sheepskin gloves in different colour options, as well as mittens, wrist warmers and fingerless gloves as well. Our Long black sheepskin gloves are extremely popular, and we call them our sheepskin cuff gloves. They are available for women and we have mens gloves available to buy as well.

The benefit of long sheepskin gloves UK are that they provide that bit of extra warmth and comfort when you wear them. The reason being because when you heat up your wrists, the blood that flows through them goes into your fingers and hands. So the trick is actually to warm up your wrists, and our longer sheepskin gloves provide warmth for the wrists as well as the hands and fingers, so there is nothing warmer than those.

They look great too and are very stylish. They are versatile sheepskin long leather gloves that can go with almost any outfit, and they come in great natural and neutral colours that go with most other clothing colours. They’ll look great with a warm winter jacket, as well as a smarter shirt or blazer too. They are smart, but not too smart, and can be worn on the coldest winter days shopping and also cold winter nights.

There is nothing warmer than real ladies long cuff sheepskin gloves, and there is no man made material that can compete with them for warmth and comfort. This is the reason that long sheepskin gloves are so popular, and we sell them throughout the UK online and with our mail order brochure, and we export around the world to the coldest countries, including Canada and Norway.
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