Luxury Sheepskin Gloves

At Draper of Glastonbury, we sell only the finest quality luxury sheepskin gloves, which are handmade by expert craftsmen and made from the best quality sheepskins available. We specialise in sheepskin and have been manufacturing sheepskin products in our own factory in Glastonbury since 1937, and with over 80 years of experience, we produce the best quality sheepskin products in the world. We export our luxurious sheepskin gloves worldwide, and each pair is hand sewn to perfection.

There are many properties which make our luxury sheepskin gloves UK the best available. They are extra soft because they are made from the best quality sheepskin and lambskins, which makes them extremely comfortable to wear as well as flexible to use as well. This makes them both practical and extremely warm as well. As they are made from real sheepskin, they are so warm that there are no other gloves that can compare that are made from manmade materials. We are so confident in the quality of our gloves that we have a free returns policy if you are unsatisfied with them.

Sheepskin gloves that are luxurious are breathable, which means they will keep you very warm when it is cold outside in winter conditions, but they will also ensure that they do not get hot and sweaty inside and become uncomfortable to wear. Luxury winter gloves are great for temperature regulation, and this is how they naturally take care of sheep. They are hygroscopic, which means that they are able to absorb a third of their weight in water without becoming damp, which basically makes them naturally waterproof.

Mens luxury sheepskin gloves look great too, and they are versatile for both men and women and can go with any outfit. We offer many different styles of the glove as well as many different colour options too so that you can pick based on the colour of clothing that you typically wear. Brown and black tend to be the most popular, along with spice colour, as they are all basic colours that can go with most other clothing.

Luxury sheepskin gloves ladies can be worn on cold winter nights, including bonfire night when you are stood outside in the cold for long hours, and your fingers can’t feel any colder. Sheepskin gloves will keep your hands as warm as they can be so that you can enjoy your evenings without feeling like you are going to freeze. Luxury fingerless gloves are popular in cold winter climates around the globe, with countries such as Canada and Norway being popular locations for sheepskin gloves.
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