Mens Luxury Slippers

Here at Drapers, we produce the best womens and mens luxury slippers. Every pair we produce is handmade from start to finish and takes around four weeks to make. We have been manufacturing luxury sheepskin lined slippers and boots in our factory in Somerset since 1937, and the company is still owned and run by the same family. We are now the oldest makers of sheepskin and leather slippers in the UK, and this level of experience makes our slippers the most luxurious in the world. We export our slippers, boots, and gloves worldwide to the finest stores and directly to the public online.

Pamper Your Feet - Discover Our Collection of the Finest Men's Luxury Slippers

Our mens luxury slippers UK are handcrafted from premium British sheepskins, suedes, and leathers, which are sourced from British tanneries. When the raw materials arrive at our factory, they are sorted into batches by colour, shade, thickness, and quality. Only the best quality materials make it into our slippers; the rest are rejected and returned.

Our experienced cutters can observe tick marks, scars, and creases and are trained to avoid the flaws in the skins so that we can make the finest slippers. Once the winter men's luxury slippers are cut, they are passed onto our making room, stitched together by expert machinists who have spent most of their working lives training to stitch slippers together in our factory. Each stitch will be the same distance from one another, making the final product perfect in every way. Our slippers are double stitched, to ensure they never come apart and are extremely durable and hard wearing.

Once the men's luxury leather slippers are stitched together, they are inside out. They now need to be passed onto the 'making’ team, who hand turn the slippers and put them onto lasts. This is an extremely skillful process, which requires strong hands. They will put the heel in place, insole for comfort, and sheepskin insole on top of that also. They will set the slippers onto a last, and each style and each size has its individual last, which ensures the perfect fitting every time.

Different men's luxury house slippers have different widths, so we can always produce a pair to fit your requirements. Finally, the slippers are passed onto our finishing department, where the suede is brushed clean, the leathers are wiped and polished, and the loose threads are cut off. Any slipper that is not up to standard at this stage is rejected. The slippers are packaged into our shoe boxes, using luxury tissue paper to keep them safe, and we include a small booklet that gives you more information about cleaning and the company as a whole.

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