Sheepskin Ankle Slippers

Ankle slippers lined with real sheepskin are a very popular choice of slipper because there is simply nothing warmer. During the coldest winter days and nights, you will be looking for the warmest solution for your feet to keep your toes and feet warm, and a bootie slipper which comes up over the ankles, fully lined with sheepskin, is an absolute must. Sheepskin ankle slippers come in two different varieties; some with a collar that folds up over the ankles, and some that simply cover the ankles but can’t fold over. Here at Drapers we are experts when it comes to sheepskin slippers, and have been making slippers in our own factory in Somerset since 1937. We are the oldest makers of sheepskin slippers in the UK and are a family run business too. We are known around the world for producing the best quality slippers available.

mens sheepskin ankle boot slippers 

We are one of the only companies to produce mens sheepskin ankle boot slippers and they are extremely popular. Take a look at our style called Cam, which has a rubber sole for both indoor and outdoor use, as well as a real sheepskin lining throughout, and a sheepskin collar that folds up over the ankles. It is a stylish design, that looks great for men, and there is nothing warmer.

womens sheepskin ankle boot slippers

Our womens sheepskin ankle boot slippers come in a variety of different styles, and they are very popular for women. Our style Camilla is the favourite, and it has a collar that folds up over the ankles, as well as a sheepskin lining and durable rubber sole. Our more traditional style is called Jackie, and this does not fold over the ankles but simply covers them all of the time. It has a suede sole for flexibility and comfort. It is the ideal bedroom bootie slipper

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