Sheepskin Boots

Welcome to Draper of Glastonbury. We have been manufacturing the very best quality sheepskin boots in our Somerset factory since 1937, and each and every pair is finished to perfection. They are made by experts with a lifetime of experience working with sheepskin, and they are produced from the highest quality leathers, suede, sheepskins, and wool.

Over 80s years of experience making sheepskin boots

We were one of the first companies in the UK to begin using ‘vulcanised’ machinery for boot making, and over the years we have produced over four million pairs of boots. Our sheepskin boots are trusted by customers throughout the world because of the fine craftsmanship and durable soles used, and they last for many, many years. If you are searching for the highest quality sheepskin boots for the cold winter months, then look no further. We offer boots for men and women, and there is nothing warmer than sheepskin. They will keep your toes and feet warm and comfortable when it is icy and cold outside, and no man-made material can provide the same level of warmth. We use non-slip soles which are designed to grip well and ensure you are as safe as possible during icy conditions, and they are comfortable to walk in over long distances too. We use water-resistant suede and leathers to ensure practicality as well as classic English design which is popular throughout the world. Please see our full range and order online here with Draper of Glastonbury.
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