Sheepskin Gloves

Sheepskin gloves and mittens are what we specialise in here at Draper of Glastonbury. Each pair is hand sewn together, using traditional techniques passed down through four generations of the Draper family. Our gloves and mittens for women and men are made from premium soft lambskin, which is flexible to allow your fingers to move freely and to keep your hands as warm as possible. We offer high-quality handmade gloves, mittens, and wristwarmers too, in many different colours and sizes.

Soft Sheepskin Gloves: Perfect for Keeping Your Hands Toasty Warm in Winters

Our Glastonbury factory began making gloves and mittens over 80 years ago, and originally made leather and safety gloves for the second world war. The trade in the local area was with sheepskin, and naturally, the factory began to make sheepskin gloves soon after. Within a few years, we were known worldwide for the quality of our products, and eighty years later we are still the best in the business.

Benefits of Real Sheepskin Gloves and Mittens

Sheepskin gloves go around each individual finger, which is great and practical for day-to-day tasks with your hands. This is what makes them so popular. However, sheepskin mittens and gloves keep your fingers together, and although it is slightly less practical this way, it is actually warmer for your fingers to be together in one compartment. For really cold winter conditions, mittens are actually the warmest solution; and sheepskin mittens by Draper of Glastonbury are the best around.

Luxury Handstitched Genuine Sheepskin gloves

Gloves are measured by the circumference around your knuckles, in inches, and exact sizing measurements are given on our website to ensure you find the perfect fit each time.
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