Sheepskin Slipper Boots

Sheepskin slipper boots are extra warm and comfortable for the cold winter months, as they cover your ankles as well as your feet and toes with luxurious sheepskin. Here at Draper of Glastonbury, we have been making the best quality slippers in our Glastonbury factory since 1937, and are a fourth generation family run business. This level of expertise is what makes our slipper boots the best in the world. We export to over 60 different countries and produce over 1000 pairs per week.

Sheepskin ladies slipper boots include our styles Camilla, Tilly, and Glow. They have quickly become our most popular style of slippers for women, as they are both attractive and incredibly warm. Camilla has a collar that you can fold up over the ankles or leave down too, which is made of impeccably soft sheepskin. Glow has a soft suede sole for indoor use which is flexible and lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear. Tilly has an outdoor rubber sole so that you can nip out to the garden with them on and this is a non slip sole too. Mens sheepskin slipper boots hard sole are also available and are new to this season. After many customer requests, we decided to launch the men’s slipper boot which has proved to be very successful as it offers a completely different take on the traditional men’s slipper. Modern, warm and practical, this slipper has it all.

Sheepskin indoor slipper boots are designed to be worn as house shoes rather than outdoor shoes. This doesn’t mean you can’t occasionally go out into the garden with them, but they are primarily designed for indoor use on carpets and hard floors. They can be worn with socks and without socks too and are very warm and comfortable both ways. They will keep you warm when it is cold, cool when it is warm and always dry without making your feet sweaty. This is because sheepskin has many amazing natural properties, and it is able to regulate temperature. Sheepskin slipper boots UK size 4 are available in all of our slipper styles shown on this website, so just take a browse at which design suits you best.

Brown sheepskin slipper boots are available as well as tan slipper boots too and a variety of other colour options also. You can make them work with any outfit or any colour of pyjama. They will look smart when you have guests over to your home without looking like ordinary slippers, so you can feel comfortable without sacrificing elegance. Draper slipper boots are widely regarded as the best quality available, so we hope you are able to find a design to suit you. If you order online, we offer free delivery and returns if the slippers are unsuitable; so go on, treat yourself.
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