Sheepskin Slippers with Heels

There are many great benefits of sheepskin slippers with heels in comparison to completely flat slippers. Here at Draper of Glastonbury, we are one of the few companies who offer slippers with small heels, and they are produced in England in our own factory, which was established in 1937. We are a family-owned business, and our skilled workforce have been making slippers for most of their working lives. So what are the main benefits of slippers with heels?

British Made Sheepskin Mules slippers with wedge heels

Mule slippers with wedge heels are better for your posture and better for your feet while you walk than flat slippers. This is why most shoes have a heel, and why should your slippers be any different? They help the arch of your foot and stop your feet becoming flat which can cause problems for you in the future. Most foot specialists recommend slippers with heels for better posture, and most will recommend sheepskin linings for increased circulation too.

Handmade ladies sheepskin mules slippers with high heels

Ladies mule slippers with heel are much more comfortable to wear than flat slippers. The heel allows for extra cushioning at the back of your foot, making them much more comfortable to wear. Leather slippers with heels for women are easier to walk in than flat slippers because they will feel more like shoes. The heel enables them to stay on your feet easier as you walk, and the slipper will move more naturally with your feelings when you walk.

Warm and Cosy bedroom slippers with heels for ladies and mens

Bedroom slippers with heels are more hardwearing than completely flat slippers too because the heel gives that bit of extra material between your foot and the floor. The heel is often an area that will wear through the quickest, so a heel will delay that process for many years extra. Typically our slippers are designed to last for many years, representing excellent value for money.

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