Short Sheepskin Boots

Short sheepskin boots are very popular in the United Kingdom and around the world because they provide the warmth and comfort that you need to get through the coldest winter months when there is snow and ice on the ground. Here at Draper of Glastonbury, we specialise in sheepskin-lined footwear and have been manufacturing in our own factory in Somerset since 1937. We are a family-run and owned business, and the company is in its fourth generation. We make handmade sheepskin slippers and boots, as well as gloves and rugs, which are sold around the world.

Drapers Sheepskin Boots Made with High-Quality British Sheepskin

Our womens low sheepskin boots have non-slip soles which are hard wearing and designed to grip icy surfaces, so they are perfect for winter weather conditions. They are smart but practical, and they can be worn for long country walks as well as shopping trips in the city too. We have a huge range from traditional English designs to modern designs as well, and our short black sheepskin boots are all fully lined with our signature sheepskin lining from top to toe, including the insoles. The uppers are made from either suede, leather, or double-faced sheepskin, and they are water-resistant as well.

Our Black Sheepskin Boots are Great to Wear for Any Occasions

Mens short sheepskin boots are often more popular than taller boots because they are easier to slip on and off, and they can go well with any outfit. Ankle short sheepskin boots are designed to come just over the ankles so that they keep your feet and bottom of your legs extremely warm while not coming too high on your legs. Ankle boots are often a lot like shoes in terms of their look, so they are understated and do not attract attention to your feet. This means that you can stay extra warm and comfortable without looking like you are trying to.

Classic ultra mini sheepskin boots are great for walking because they do not feel like they are trapping your calf muscles, and they enable you to walk freely. This makes our boots great for long country walks and shopping trips because you can wear them all day without feeling discomfort.

Ladies short sheepskin boots are lower priced than taller boots, because there is less material used in making them, and this makes them very attractive. We also sell bootie slippers, which are similar to short sheepskin boots in the UK but can be worn indoors like normal slippers.

Shop for a Wide Selection of Classic Sheepskin Boots and Slippers Online at Draper of Glastonbury

We also sell mid-length boots as well as taller boots, so we are confident that if you are looking for the best quality pair of real sheepskin boots, then we will have exactly what you are looking for. With over 85 years of manufacturing sheepskin slippers, boots, and gloves experience, we produce the best quality footwear in the world.

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