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Sheepskin Slippers with Outdoor Soles

There are many great and obvious benefits to using slippers with outdoor soles in comparison to soft-soled slippers. Here at Draper of Glastonbury, we offer a wide selection of slippers with hard outdoor soles, and we have been making the best quality handmade sheepskin slippers in our own factory in Somerset for over 80 years, and are the oldest makers of sheepskin footwear in the UK today. So what are the main benefits of sheepskin slippers with outdoor soles?

Luxurious Sheepskin Slippers with Outdoor Soles for Ladies and Men

  • The obvious benefit is that they can be worn outdoors, so if you needed to pop out to the garden, or put the bins out, then these slippers will be fine for that purpose. Soft soled slippers in comparison are best worn indoors rather than out, and so outdoor soled slippers can be more practical.

  • Mens sheepskin slippers with outdoor soles can be equally as lightweight as soft soled slippers too. Many of the soles that we use, whether they are rubber or leather, are very lightweight as well as being durable. This means that they are just as comfortable to walk in, and will make you feel like you are walking on a cloud.

  • Some of the thicker rubber soles can be more durable to wear over the long term than suede soled slippers. There isn’t much in it. However, rubber soles are easier to replace if you can find a replacement sole, because they are often glued on. Normal shoe repairers can do this for you in most cases, which means you get more value for money.
Here at Drapers we have a wide variety of womens sheepskin slippers with outdoor soles. We have backless slip on styles as well as normal slipper styles. We have moccasins as well as Grecian styles, and we offer both mens and womens slippers. Most are lined with our signature thick sheepskin from top to toe.
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